Unreleased Pioneers, Desmond Dekker & Derrick Morgan Tracks To See Issue

New Doctor Bird!

Trojan Records have for the last year been digging deep into the vaults for limited edition reissues of material on thick vinyl 7 inches and they’ve been wonderful. The labels all look amazing and beautiful with the tracks themselves being wicked cuts of classic material. It’s time for another release and this time a doozy!

Unreleased Pioneers, Desmond Dekker & Derrick Morgan Tracks To See Issue
Published By: Laurence Date: March, 21 2011 Genre: Rock Steady

April’s limited edition 7″ single brings together two more previously unissued Beverley’s Records gems that have lain hidden the vaults for over four decades.

In late Spring of 1968, the Pioneers had not long left Joe Gibbs’ roster when they attended their inaugural recording session for Leslie Kong’s Beverley’s Records.

Their efforts on that June day resulted a number of versions of a original song that the trio of George Agard, Jackie Robinson and Sydney Crooks hoped would become their next big hit, namely ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’.

Despite the excellence of the performance, the track remained in the vaults and it was not until the trio revisited the song a month or so later that the producer felt confident of its release.

Issued in the Autumn of ’68, the reworked version promptly became a significant Jamaican hit that was provide the platform for further assaults on the national charts, most notably the best-selling ‘Long Shot Kick De Bucket’ that saw issue the following Spring.

Meanwhile, back in June ’68, King teamed the legendary Derrick Morgan and Desmond Dekker on a fine Rock Steady version of Don Covay’s R&B smash, ‘Mercy, Mercy, although this too was ultimately deemed surplus to requirements and remained unissued. Unlike ‘Easy Come, Easy Go’, however, it was never reworked by the duo, whose partnership proved disappointingly fleeting.

Now, more 40 years after both sides were cut, Trojan are delighted to finally make them available via the Trojan Store, with this strictly limited pressing presented on the much-missed Doctor Bird imprint.


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