U Roy Linger On! Pressure Sounds Brings It.

Linger On!Pressure Sounds is a very consistent reissue label in not just quality music (or why else would we mention them here) but also the packaging and execution of what they do. The market is slim for quality re-issues (sure there are reissues a plenty but do we really need the same songs over and over or really bad vinyl pressings – you know who you are!) and we need to give it up to the producers that are still out there in this devastating musical climate and that care enough about the material they are releasing.

Well the last release of 2008 for them was a special limited edition vinyl 45 offering licensed directly from U Roy himself.

U Roy
Linger You Linger
PSS024 / 2008 / Pressure Sounds
1.A side ‘Linger You Linger’
2.B side Version

I picked up this very heavy (musically roots style and in actual weight of the vinyl) a few weeks ago. It’s a new release in a beautiful picture sleeve in very stylish 70’s colors and images. This is what is says on the website:

“This version to Dennis Brown’s classic ‘Song My Mother Used To Sing’ is one of a handful of self produced 45’s released by U Roy on his own Mego Ann label. Voiced and mixed at King Tubby’s and never pressed in any significant quantities when originally released.”

I recommend grabbing this for those roots and DJ lovers. It’s a mighty fine example U Roy’s thrilling musical injection. Respect!

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