Trojan Records Adidas Charity Auction Ends Mar. 4

When I posted about a special pair of Trojan Records inspired sneakers I found online I didn’t know then that it would be one of the more popular posts I’ve made on the site. Everyone loves Trojan though and a good pair of Adidas sneakers is never a bad thing. But even when things started to happen after I posted about I was still pretty shocked and in talking with the UK-based sneaker artist who hand painted the shoes, Benji Blunt, about them he thought it was pretty amazing too. Even members of the Trojan Forum were supportive.

He then reached out to a couple people he knew including the online magazine eatmoreshoes, which is specifically geared towards the Adidas and PUMA brands, about doing something special with the sneakers. The idea was hatched for a charity auction. Trojan Records liked the idea and soon came on board as a partner as well.

It was decided the auction would go to raising money for the SOS Children’s Village charity that was created to help abandoned and orphaned children in Jamaica as part of the eatmoreshoes Custom Kicks for Charity program. 100% of the profits from the auction will go to SOS and it ends this Sunday March 4th.

As part of the promotion for the auction conducted an email interview with Benji, Trojan Records, SOS and I about the shoes, why he decided to do them and how they came to the attention of Trojan Records via this site.

Please read about the upcoming auction or visit and bid by going to While the auction is live it will take you to the ebay page. Once it is over it will take you to the website with information on the auction.

Below are parts from the interview with Trojan Records, Benji and I for your reading pleasure.

Benji, I guess it all begins with you, how’d this whole thing start?

Benji Blunt: Trojan Records is a label I have bought from over the years as a DJ. I love how they champion early Reggae and Ska. I am really fond of the their brand image, their logo and type is striking. I like how it has evolved and become more sophisticated. It really is iconic.

And how did Trojan Records get involved?

BB: I think I posted some DIY pics on their Facebook fan page. It was quite a while ago. I got some nice comments and enquiries from other Trojan fans about whether the shoes were for sale and that sort of thing. I’m a little hazy on the order of events but I think Jason Lawless ( contacted me after I posted the pics on FB and told me he had posted them on his blog and got a lot of hits. He said there had also been some mention of them on the FB news blog on the Trojan website. Certainly I would have never known that Trojan fans were checking them out if Jason hadn’t told me.

Can you give us some background on your website and why you decided to feature Benji’s work?

JL: I’ve been running my site since 2008, posting news and shows from around the world about Ska and Reggae. Fans in the states don’t have too many choices to find information really. There are only a few websites that even mention the music. I try to cover as much information about the the bigger name artists from the UK and Jamaica as well as the top US bands that play. So when I saw the shoes I thought it was just a perfect fun thing to post about. Figured the fans of my site would enjoy the shoes. The colors and painting looked perfect.

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Don’t forget about the auction either. Visit for more information.

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