Trojan Readies Lucky Sevens Vinyl Box Set

In recent years, numerous 7″ singles issued by Trojan during the late sixties and early seventies have become hugely sought-after items, their extreme scarcity putting them out of reach of even those prepared to pay three figure sums for their acquisition. As a result, most fans have until now been denied the opportunity to acquire or hear vinyl pressings of these rare gems.

The Trojan Lucky Sevens box set is to finally begin remedying that – comprising faithful reproductions of seven of the most collectable Rock Steady and Boss Reggae 7” singles ever issued by the company.

With production of the set limited to just 1000 individually numbered copies, this luxury collection will also contain an insert detailing information on each of the discs featured, while each disc is housed in a replica of the Trojan house-bag favoured by the company during the relevant era.

The Trojan Lucky Sevens Box Set, which will be made available for purchase exclusively through the Trojan shop from 7th November, will hopefully be the first such set of rare 7″ singles, with future collections possibly highlighting the output of specific producers, genres and labels.

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Single #1 (Blue Cat, BS-108):
A. Way Of Life – Carl Bryan & Lyn Taitt’s Band
B. I’m So Proud – Joe White with Glen Brown & Trevor

Single #2 (Amalgamated, AMG-808):
A. I Am The Upsetter – Lee Perry
B. Thank You Baby – Lee Perry

Single #3 (Trojan, TR-617):
A. Stir It Up – Bob Marley & The Wailers
B. This Train – Bob Marley & The Wailers

Single #4 (Duke, DU-7):
A. Left With A Broken Heart – The Paragons
B. Got To Get Away – The Paragons

Single #5 (Big Shot, BI-503):
A. Chattie Chattie – Junior ‘Soul’ Murvin
B. Magic Touch – Junior ‘Soul’ Murvin

Single #6 (Explosion, EX-2008):
A. Tighten Up Your Gird – Keith & Tex
B. Look To The Sky (aka This Is My Song) – Keith & Tex

Single #7 (Grape, GR-3009):
A. Captain Hook – The Visions
B. The Girl – The Visions

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