Tribute to Byron Lee from Soul Sides Blog

Byron LeeI’m a big fan of Oliver Wang’s blog at It’s well written, informative and regularly updated which is better then most of the blogs out there. It’s also chock full of great stories, lost vinyl gems and plenty of sound bites to please the collectors of soul, boogaloo, reggae and the like. They posted a tribute to the late, great Byron Lee recently who passed away November 4th, around the time that we also lost Alton Ellis.

“Lee’s always had a special place in my heart since he was one of the first reggae-artists-not-named-Bob that I ever discovered and his album, Reggae Splashdown was probably one of my early introductions to reggae soul (it doesn’t hurt that he was also half-Chinese). It’s one reason why I wanted to put Lee’s cover of “Express Yourself” on Soul Sides Vol. 2.”

Read the full article HERE.

Here’s a wicked cut of “Soul Serenade” on Duke for your listening pleasure.

Check out more Byron Lee info on his very long recording career at

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