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  • New Dub Book Remixology is Now Available

    New Dub Book Remixology is Now Available

    Dub is the avant-garde verso of reggae, created by manipulating and reshaping recordings using studio strategies and techniques. While dub was one of the first forms of popular music to turn the idea of song inside out, it is far from being fully explored. Tracing the evolution of dub, Remixology travels from Kingston, Jamaica, across the globe, following dub’s influence on the development of the MC, the birth of sound system culture, and the postwar Jamaican diaspora.

  • Rise & Fall of The Clash Book

    Rise & Fall of The Clash Book

    The documentary film The Rise & Fall of the Clash is available on DVD for all who missed it in it’s small theatrical run. Taking over three years to complete, The Rise and Fall of the Clash, explores the evolution of the punk icons, from their early days to their famed run at Bond’s International Casino in Times Square in 1981, to their downward spiral after their legendary Shea Stadium concert in 1982 and beyond.