This Is England 86 DVD Released

tie86dvdMarco On The Bass posted a good overview of the new DVD of This Is England ’86 the follow-up series to the This Is England film that aired on Channel 4 in the UK. The film centered on a young group of skinheads in 1984 England. Most people I know quickly picked up on it and became fans with a great sound track and a very realistic representation of the times for the most part.

Fans in the United States were unable to view the new series though even though it was streamed online since it was UK restricted access. The new DVD is also a “region specific” release meaning it won’t play in U.S. DVD players but most computers will. So can’t watch it on your TV but you sure can on your computer – kinda like the recent Specials 30th Anniversary DVD and the Madness “Our House” stage play release.

Visit the Facebook FAN page here then head over to Marco On The Base for more info.

In the mean time check out this little “behind the scenes” promo video.

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