They Call It Gladness Drink Madness!


Ladies and Gentleman, for your drinking pleasure Madness bring you a beer created to taste like a full flavored lager but brewed as a superb English ale. An idea born in the Dublin Castle (the very pub they played their first gigs) and brought to life by the chaps at Growler Brewery.

Madness beers go one step beyond in taste and style. Gladness is a refreshing light golden beer with a two tone hit of Tetnang and Saaz hops which delivers a bunch of floral aromas, an initial touch of spice to the taste and a light bitterness at the end. A beer to delight and bring pleasure, it warrants a united chorus of, “Madness, Madness, they call it Gladness.”

Gladness LabelGladness 4.2% ABV

Introducing Gladness, our beer brewed in collaboration with Madness! We initially met with the band back in 2011 and we could see their genuine passion to create their own beer. We were delighted to help them, and over time we worked through which styles they preferred, to co-create the final product in 2013.

Named after a line in their song “Madness”, Suggs commented “After many years spent in a pub discussing and debating what would be our ideal beer, we decided to work with Growler Brewery to get on and do it. We feel well qualified to launch a beer after the enormous amount of market research we have done over 30 years! The guys at Growler Brewery are meticulous about the quality of their beer and we are very proud of the first one.”

Gladness is a 4.2% golden beer. Packed with the Noble Tettnang leaf hop to create a gentle floral aroma with a touch of spice to the taste and finished with Saaz hops to add a light bitterness at the end, this light golden beer combines flavour and refreshment perfectly.

Available from Tesco shops or online. Now how do I get some here in Los Angeles?!

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