Skatalites Discography

The Skatalites LogoA full Skatalites discography might actually take a few lifetimes to compile and more knowledge then I most likely will ever have. The total recorded output from the group over the 40 plus years is literally a history of Jamaica as well. This page will simply attempt to offer an overview of the full length albums available to the ska collector and music lover with some additional information such as track listings and review added at some point in the future. I just thought it would be a nice addition to the blog. This is by no means complete and if you have some additional information or updates please let me know. For a more in depth history of the band check out the liner notes to the wonderful collection “Foundation Ska” (Heartbeat, 1997) HERE.

Ska Authentic (ND Records, 1964)
Ska Authentic, Vol. 2 (Studio One, 1967)
African Roots (United Artists, 1978)
Scattered Lights (Alligator, 1984)
Return of the Big Guns (Island, 1984)
With Sly & Robbie & Taxi Gang (Vista, 1984)
Stretching Out live (ROIR, 1987)
Hog in a Cocoa (Culture Press, 1993)
I’m in the Mood for Ska (Trojan, 1993)
Ska Voovee (Shanachie, 1993)
Hi-Bop Ska (Shanachie, 1994)
In the Mood for Ska (Trojan, 1995)
Greetings from Skamania (Shanachie, 1996)
The Skatalite! (Jet Set, 1997)
Foundation Ska (Heartbeat, 1997)
Ball of Fire (Island, 1998)
Skatalites & Friends at Randy’s (VP, 1999)
Heroes of Reggae Dub (Guava Jelly, 1999)
Ska Titans: Laurel Aitken & The Skatalites (Moonska, 1999)
Bashaka (Marston Recording Corporatoion, 2000)
Nucleus of Ska (Music Club, 2001)
Herb Dub, Collie Dub (Motion, 2001)
Ska Splash (Moonska, 2002)
Lucky Seven (2002)
From Paris With Love (World Village, 2002)
Celebration (Studio One, 2002)
Ska-ta-shot (2002)
Guns Of Navarone – Best Of Skatalites (2003)
Phoenix City: A History of the World’s Greatest Ska (Trojan, 2004)
In Orbit vol.1 – Live from Argentina (2005)
Independence Ska (Brook, 2006)
On the Right Track (AIM, 2007)
Anthology (Primo, 2007)
Live at Lokerse Feesten: 1997 & 2002 (DVD, 2008)