The Pepper Pots to make U.S. debut, Hit SXSW and more!

The Pepper PotsWe’re getting a real treat next month as a very exciting girl group is hitting the states for their U.S. debut! What started out as a single date at The SXSW Festival has bloomed into a mini-tour of the SouthWest. It’s few and far between when a modern group makes a splash, not to mention an all girl fronted band, much less a band from another country, much less one with so much talent! Seriously these girls can sing and it’s like the second coming of the Supremes.

Here are the tourdates:

Mar 20 2009: Blue Bubble Ballroom, San Antonio, Texas
Mar 21 2009: South by Southwest 2009 Festival, Austin, Texas
Mar 22 2009: Take II, El Paso, Texas
Mar 23 2009: The Rhythm Room, Phoenix, Arizona
Mar 24 2009: Winston’s Beach Club, San Diego, California
Mar 25 2009: Bluebeat Lounge, Hollywood, California
Mar 26 2009: Spaceport 2058, Atascadero, California
Mar 27 2009: Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, California
Mar 28 2009: Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, California

For more info, visit The Pepper Pots on MySpace:

You can read a review of “Shake It!”, here:

The Pepper Pots are now on Megalith Records and you can pick up their release “Shake It!” here:

Now here is a “Supreme” video of the Pepper Pots doing reggaeized Supreme’s covers.

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