The Mohawks “The Champ” Back For Round 2

Mohawks The Champ ReissuedThe Mohawks classic treasure The Champ has been re-issued by the outstanding “never let me down” Vampisoul Records on CD and a limited edition double 180 gram vinyl sensation. Oh my! Pick it up now kiddies and have a listen to the sweet sounds in the grooves. The 45’s regularly go for more then your weekly lunch money.

FROM the Vampisoul website:
Warning!! Put your fanciest dance shoes on because it’s time to boogie down! The Mohawks were a band fronted by arranger, Hammond grinder sumpreme and king of British Library music composers, Alan Hawkshaw. All top session musicians, not a ‘touring’ band, The Mohawks released their astonishing 1968 LP “The Champ”, chockfull of incredibly groovy and funky tracks. Vampisoul, 40 years later, reissues this club/groove masterpiece with no less than SIX bonus tracks not included on the original album!

This is a high-octane release with Soul/Jazz organ fueling hits, one after another. The songs herein contain arguably the best and grooviest Hammond heard east of the Atlantic, the heaviest bass ever played in London, tight-or-die drum work and a full set of explosive horns. An endless string of killer dancefloor fillers, from 1 to 12 (not to mention our bonus tracks, taken from 7″ singles!). You’ll sure recognize the title track (or at least its organ intro). A cult classic for more over 30 year.

1. The Champ
2. Hip Jigger
3. Sweet Soul Music
4. Dr. Jekyll and Hyde Park
5. Senior Thump
6. Landscape
7. Baby Hold On
8. Funky Broadway
9. Rocky Mountain Roundabout
10. Sound of The Witchdoctors
11. Beat Me Till I’m Blue
12. Can You Hear Me?
13. Pepsi
14. Mony Mony
15. The Champ (extended version)
16. Landscape (extended version)
17. Western Promise
18. Ride Your Pony

Now everyone knows the title track and here’s another scorcher from the set that goes down well in the soul and reggae scenes. Get up on your feet and rock to the beat – On to the video!

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