The Lions Ready to Drop This Generation In Dub

The Lions in DubComing in May on vinyl (according to this Facebook posting) is an 8 song Dub album of The Lions second release This Generation. The mixes are straight outta this world from producer and Dub Club (the largest Reggae club in America) mastro Tom Chasteen. The album is due out on Stones Throw Records of course.

I know this will be another in a long line of great releases featuring The Lions and in no doubt well worth your time to check out. All the way at the bottom of this post is the tracklisting. Here is the first sample from the album with the dub version of the title track “This Generation.”

Here’s another track that came in too late to make the album: “Padre Ichiro” Dub version by Bill “DJ Prophesy” Wendt who works with Dub Club & Glitch Mob that won’t be featured on this set but is a great cut anyway.

Track Listing:
1. Revelations (Alphabet City Dub) ft. Black Shakespeare’
2. Easy Dub ft. Alex Desert’
3. More More Dub’
4. New Dub’
5. This Generation (Skronk Dub) ft. Black Shakespeare’
6. Roll It Round (Crushed Dub) ft. Black Shakespeare’
7. Dub It Tonight ft. Black Shakespeare’
8. Picture On The Wall ft. Ranking Joe

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