The Lions Make Sweet Soul Music

The Lions, as mentioned in a previous post, had a few shows this weekend including stops at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, Desarga Club in Los Angeles and the Commonwealth Lounge in Fullerton. Friday night kicked off the trio of shows in a fine style. Alex’s Bar was packed with the usual crowd of punks and drunks that inhibit this outstanding oasis of awesomeness in a crowded LBC bar scene. The Lions were on an eclectic bill that night but as headliners they took the stage and put the rest to shame.

Saturday’s show at Descarga was perfect fit for their style of Soul & Reggae. Descarga regularly brings in a mix of Latin, Soul, Cumbia and Reggae acts to go along with their DJ’s that get the crowd dancing to the funky beat. As Andrew Barker mentioned at Musical Occupation: “From the opening drum crack, The Lions came out roaring” and that summed up the whole weekend in fact. The toasting of MC Black Shakespeare mixed with the 3 part harmonies of Malik Moore, Alex Desert and Deston Berry would make anyone get off their ass and shake it. The Lions mix their originals, including new stuff from their upcoming release on Stones Throw Records, with covers like The Temptations classic “Just My Imagination” and Keith & Tex’s Reggae classic “Stop That Train”. It’s a hit parade of epic proportions!

Watch The Lions perform “Sweet Soul Music” (featured on their debut album) from their show at Alex’s Bar on Friday. Then scroll down and check out a photo gallery of images from that performance along with a few from Saturday night’s show at Descarga.

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