The History of Randy’s Records On Video

17 North ParadeI just found this amazing video on about Randy’s Records.

On the occasion of the Randy’s 50th Anniversary, 17 North Parade (a VP Records imprint focusing on the deep vault’s of Randy’s Records which was the foundation of modern day VP itself) presents The Story Of Randy’s. The documentary video talks about the Chin Family and the golden age of the mythic Randy’s Studio. It features tons of rare archive footage and interviews with legendary artists like Lord Creator, Ken Boothe, Stranger Cole, Derrick Harriott, Niney The Observer, Johnny Dizzy Moore, Jah Stitch, Big Youth, Sly Dunbar, Earl Morgan (The Heptones), and Pat Kelly talking about their time recording at Randy’s.

It’s great to see how much care was put into the video so check out all three parts below.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

and here is another video introducing the imprint itself.

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