The Expanders Take Their Sound To The Masses

Expanders Spring TourThe Expanders are a true treat to listen to. The sound they make harkens back to a purer reggae when three part harmonies dominated the charts and if you haven’t heard or seen them then you are really missing out. The band was formed in 2003 and immediately started crafting soulful harmonies like their greatest heroes such as The Ethiopians, The Mighty Diamonds and The Gladiators. Going on over a decade now the band has to date released a trio of outstanding recordings including their debut self-titled album featuring Alex Desert and Deston Berry of Hepcat, a covers album of Jamaican hits Old Time Something Come Back Again and most recently a digital single of dub tracks.

Now they embark on what I think will be their 2nd longest sustained tour, having supported one of Hawaii’s top acts The Green for a month previously, leaving in just a few days for a full month on a nationwide tour supporting the likes of Slightly Stoopid for a good portion on those dates. This is by means nothing new to these guys though since they are all professional musicians for many many years before coming together. This will be the biggest push though by the band to take their sound to the masses and convert a good portion of the country to a sound that’s classic yet fresh and always exciting.

TopShelf Reggae recently did an interview with Devin Morrison and Chiquis Lozoya where they talked about their love of Reggae, what touring means to them and how the recent tour went. Sure, yeah. It’s funny. Like this tour kind of came about the same way The Green tour came about. I think it was Caleb. They were on some program called Audiotree. I guess it’s like a video webcast. And they were asking, like, “Oh, who do you guys like, or what albums do you like?” And Caleb mentioned, like, “Oh, I really like The Expanders,” and then, from there, like six months later we got an offer, like: “Hey, this guy wants to bring you on tour.” It was a similar thing here with Giant Panda. I remember getting a message on Facebook from one of the guys, like, “Hey, we’ve been bumping your CD in our van, like on tour and stuff.” And then next thing you know, hey, here’s an offer to come. I think Panda was introduced to us through a band called Orgone that toured with them. The organ player in Orgone used to play in The Expanders and the guitar player in Orgone, Sergio, is also a recording engineer, and he engineers all our records. We record with him.

That’s how things come together for a band that just plays music their way and with the right love of it. People will find it and gravitate to it if it’s real. I hope that’s what happens when they hit the road this time to even bigger audiences. Their tour starts on April 7 in Hermosa Beach, CA, then heads to more stops in California, Phoenix, Nashville, New Orleans, Vero Beach, Houston, Austin and places in between.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.