The Champions Inc. To Record & Upcoming Gigs

There’s a new band in town – Mountain View, CA that is and they are called The Champions Inc. They sound very old. Old in a good way that is – in the style that we love – that 60’s Ska Rock Steady beat to move your feet. They are a new band and haven’t played many gigs just yet but the sound is there – the band members are not new to the music. So far they haven’t posted much info preferring to keep things on the down low until just the right time. They’ve posted some videos on Youtube though that really show what the band can do live (see those below). They also mentioned via their Facebook page that they are heading into the studio this week to lay down some tracks for eventual release. By the indications they posted that means vinyl too. So that’s a win in my book.

They state their goal is “to create music that could be spun along side our favorite reggae and soul songs from the sixties without missing a beat.” Which is perfect! That’s exactly what the Reggae 69 Fan Club is all about too! Crafting new music that people will actually want to spin at the clubs alongside the vintage Trojan, Pama, Crab, Treasure Isle. etc records we all love. So l for one am looking forward to hearing what they get done in the studio.

Band Members Include:
Stephanie Kenyon – Vocals
Mike Kenyon – Guitar
Alex Garcia – Bass
Brandon Penaranda – Drums
Stevie Flamm – Organ
Terry Magee – Saxaphone

Here is the band in action doing their thing with what I assume is a song called California Reggae.

And another called Prisoner of Love.

Here is the band doing a cover of the classic Perfidia.

Catch the band at these upcoming gigs including
Sat, May 21 – Ska Wave (LA)
June 18th – Scooter Rage (SF)

Connect with the band on Facebook.

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