The Aggrolites: Live At The Whisky A Go Go & Tour News

aggrolitesI don’t usually like to promote these sort of illegal download blogs (and won’t link to it here although with a little search it would pop up) but thought this was interesting as I had not heard that this collection was making the rounds or at least I don’t remember as my heads getting a little cloudy these days.

The Aggrolites – Live at the whisky a go go – [2004]
01 Skinheads don’t fear
02 Dirty reggae
03 Make it reggae
04 Fire corner
05 Pop the trunk
06 Fury now
07 Lunar eclipse
08 The good, the bad, the upsetters
09 Jimmy jack
10 Hot stop
11 Aggro 18
12 Burning bush
13 Black lung
14 John jones
15 Tower interlude
16 Don’t let me down
17 A.g.g.r.o.
18 Don’t let me down reprise
19 Reggae in the ghetto
20 Banana
21 Macca Bacca

There are plenty of things happening with the boys this year including a new album on Hellcat Records. The boys are currently in the middle of a big tour with Flogging Molly as part of the annual “Green 17 Tour” and will be playing the Coachella Arts & Music festival among others this year.


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