The 100 Greatest Rocksteady Tunes (80-71)

The 100 Greatest Rocksteady Tunes Ever!The third set of tunes in the Top 100 countdown from DanceCrasher is here. As a vinyl junkie myself I tend to find myself drooling a little bit each time a new list is posted. The label scans and song clips are amazing. Stop by the site and check em out to get the full effect as I’ve mentioned before.

80. Johnny Cool – Prince Buster and Lee Perry (Prince Buster production)
79. Johnny Melody AKA George Dekker – Treating Me Bad (Lesley Kong production)
78. Miss Cushie – Junior Soul (Sonia Pottinger production)
77. Never Kiss You Again – The Daltons (Prince Buster production)
76. The Cooler – The Wrigglers (Coxsone Dodd production)
75. To Sir With Love – Dawn Penn (Bunny Lee production)
74. Hopeton Lewis – This Music Got Soul (Sam Mitchell And Keith Scott production).
73. Glenmore Brown And Hopeton Lewis – Live Like A King (Glen Brown prduction)
72. Shaking Up Orange Street – Prince Buster (Prince Buster production)
71. Young Wings Can Fly – Johnny & the Attractions (Sonia Pottinger production)

Continue to the DanceCrasher site to see label scans and read notes on each release along with a sound sample exhaustively put together by DanceCrasher.

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