Stranger Cole & Patsy NYC 10/1/11 Video Playlist

Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd played New York City together over the weekend and what an event that must have been. Backed by the all-star collective of Agent Jay’s (of the Slackers) Crazy Baldhead the duo performed such songs as “Fire in Your Wire”, “When I Call Your Name”, “Rough & Tough”, “Yeah Yeah Baby”, “Give Me The Right”, “Crying Every Night” and more.

Stephen Shafer at Duff Guide was in attendance and was able to capture some amazing footage from the show. He uploaded clips to his youtube channel but I’ve created a playlist of the videos for you to watch – although they are out of order from the actual show since I was not there of course.

Click play or scroll through the videos below. GREAT JOB STEPHEN!

UPDATE: He also posted a review of the show where he had this to say:

Stranger Cole hit the stage first to perform many of his biggest hits, including “Koo Koo Doo,” “Just Like a River,” “Crying Every Night” (which was stellar), and “Rough and Tough” (all captured in the videos I shot below). Cole’s manic energy, crazy herky-jerky dancing, skinny frame, and constant exhortations to the crowd of “More life!” (he kept noting rightly that, “without life we have nothing!”) made one well-known NYC ska musician to turn to me and say (with all love and respect) that he’s “the Don Knotts of ska.” Cole was a supremely entertaining and electrifying performer–and was clearly have the time of his life on stage in front of his demonstrably appreciative fans.

Patsy, looking and sounding magnificent, then took the spotlight with “Fire in Your Wire” (captured below), as well as “It’s So Hard Without You,” and “Pata Pata Rocksteady” (also on video). Of the two performers, she is clearly the more reserved–but this plays so well off Cole’s unrestrained enthusiasm.

Finally, we were treated to a string of Stranger and Patsy’s greatest hits together: “Tonight,” “Give Me the Right,” “Down the Train Line” (which I’ve heard The Bluebeats play so many times–this one was for you, Mike Drance!), “Yeah Yeah Baby,” and “When I Call Your Name.” There were other songs, too, which I didn’t film or write down–I had to put the camera down and dance a bit, too, you know–but all of the videos below will give you a really good sense of what incredible things transpired this night.

Read the full review here.

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