Stranger Cole in LA Video

Stranger Cole Live @ The Joint

Stranger Cole visited Los Angeles in December backed by The Delirians along with Queen P, Penny Reel Junction and more playing at the Joint. It was a great night of music with the legend in fine form sporting a tight sharkskin suit and tie ready to share his still strong vocal prowess with the eager fans.

Well if you missed it then you should be ashamed of yourself as these artists are leaving us for the great stage in the sky more and more. For those of you that were there and want to relive it as well as everyone that wasn’t it’s a good thing was there armed with a camera! features video episodes of various Ska-related events around the Southland includng Two Tone master Bad Manners and others.

Take a half hour and spend some time with this video featuring video of Penny Reel Junction, Queen P., The Delirians and of course Stranger Cole live.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.