Short Freddie Notes Documentary Online Now

A new short documentary on Freddie Notes, of The Rudies fame, called Stepping Away From Babylon was recently completed and is up online.

The film dives into the life of Freddie from his young days as a youth in Jamaica and the just blossoming music of the island. It moves into him discussing how music has impacted his life to this day where he stills helps run a youth club in Brixton. He has been working on new material as well and the film includes two live performances featuring unheard tunes.

It was directed by Dean Batty, a young filmmaker in training, who met Freddie last June at the V&A museum in London for a  Hanging Out Project event ‘Where Did You Hang Out?’ that looked at youth culture during the 50’s and 60’s. Dean contacted Freddie shortly after and the production began.

He posted on the Facebook page for the project that:

After seeing Freddie speak on a panel at the V&A museum in London, I instantly knew I wanted to make a short film about him. When I got home I searched for some of his music and listened to this track, it was at that moment I knew I had to get in touch with him.

As mentioned he’s put up a rough cut of the finished film on Vimeo which you can see below.

The footage looks amazing. It’s just Freddie talking about the history of the music and what it means to him. There are a bunch of great photos on the Facebook page, some of which I’ve included in the gallery below.

The website Hanging Out posted a good piece on the film where they talk about Dean a bit: Dean is in his final year at Staffordshire University,  and is looking to make an impact on the documentary film making scene in the near future. He tells us that his film took around three months to make, from conception to completion, and was made on a very low budget.

Here is full documentary for your viewing pleasure.


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