Rise & Fall of The Clash Book

The Rise & Fall of The Clash book coverThe documentary film The Rise & Fall of the Clash is available on DVD for all who missed it in it’s small theatrical run.

clash-book-back-Taking over three years to complete, The Rise and Fall of the Clash, explores the evolution of the punk icons, from their early days to their famed run at Bond’s International Casino in Times Square in 1981, to their downward spiral after their legendary Shea Stadium concert in 1982 and beyond.

Well the makers have also decided to release a printed and digital version via Kindle of the script for people to read at home too! They’ve added content to make it a book to read that includes an introduction by Chris Salewicz (author of Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer and Bob Marley: The Untold Story), plenty of previously unpublished photos from a secret session Mike Laye did in 1983 and more insight into the making of the film.

Here is a Q & A with the Director Danny Garcia at the Roxie in San Francisco from Sept. 25, 2012.

And another one from Oakland at The Uptown the next day.

You can order the book from the website of the film here.

Here is the trailer for the film.

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