Return of the Rub-A-Dub Style!

Return of the Rub A Dub StyleWe’ve mentioned the wonderful pleasure we have of living in Los Angeles, home to such a great musical landscape and tons of Jamaican influneced bands and sound system dances such as The Dub Club and Punky Reggae Party. Well there’s a new documentary about what makes the dancehall and sound system culture what it is today.

Produced by Tom Chasteen and featuring performances of various original foundation DJs taking the mic live and direct backed by The Echodelic Sound System from the various shows that have been put on in recent years, the exciting new documentary film, “Return of the Rub-a-Dub Style” directed by Steve Hanft, gets another screening.

The 60 minute film screens next Wednesday July 15th 2009 at 9pm as part of the weekly Dub Club experience at the Echo and comes out on dvd in August. Get there before 9:30 and it’s FREE! Trinity & Tippa Lee will perform later in the night.

Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.