Reggae’s 20 best 7 inch releases by David Katz

Records!UK publication Fact Magazine has an interesting article from David Katz on his picks for the 20 best reggae 7″ releases of all time. As the Dancecrasher blog mentioned it’s a shame there are no sound samples and the images could have been better but it’s a good read anyway. How about that next bit of 100 Greatest Rocksteady tunes of all time guys? Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The Jamaican music industry is nearing 60 years old, and the seven-inch single may have seen its last days. Vinyl production in the West Indies has dramatically fallen, and most dancehall is being consumed in its home country via sound system mixtapes and pirated DVDs – a trend expertly documented by Dave Stelfox in an article from last year.

Despite this, the seven inch is still at the heart and soul of the reggae experience for many new fans and aficionados alike – understanding the seven-inch is mandatory if you want to comprehend reggae’s complex progression. David Katz, author of People Funny Boy: The Genius of Lee “Scratch” Perry and Solid Foundation: An Oral History of Reggae, selects his 20 best.”

Read the full article at Fact Magazine.

Do you agree with the choices? How can you argue with David Katz? How about your own list. Compile your own and send it to me. Maybe we’ll post it up!

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