Reggae to Jeggae: Trojan Records 7 Inches of Pleasure

Trojan Records has gone through more ups and downs and re-releases than any label in existence – ever. It surely speaks to it’s massive back catalog and the undying devotion of it’s fan-base that they are able to re-release already previously “re-released” material. You know what I’m referring to.

So it’s a pleasure to discuss their new series of limited edition vinyl 45 releases of lost or unreleased cuts and outside the norm re-issues of rare material. I think they are going about it the right way too. The limited nature of the material and the buy it now or it’s gone aspect creates excitement – creates a frenzy even for hardened reggae boys and girls.

Couple that with recreated artwork of classic sub-labels and you’ve got a winning formula. I missed out on the first couple of deals that came and went but jumped at the latest offering of “Deep In My Soul” & “Reggae to Jeggae” on a reissue Duke label of Tommy McCook material.

Here is what they said in the latest newsletter: “Due for release on December 6th is the next in Trojan’s popular new 7” singles range. The top-side features popular Jamaican singer, Eric “Monty” Morris, whose previously unissued ‘Deep In My Soul’ ranks alongside the very best of his work. On the flip, the song’s rhythm is reworked brilliantly on “Reggae To Jeggae”, a blinding horns led instrumental featuring the talents of the single’s producer, the legendary Tommy McCook.”

Get the deal while you still can by clicking here.

Listed below is the full listing so far of material already released and coming up in the months to come. The first 3 releases were limited to 250 units but Trojan bumped the latest release to 400 pieces.

A. Sentimental Reasons – Desmond Dekker & The Aces
B. Sugar & Spice – Desmond Dekker & The Aces

A. Pepper Pot – Count Matchuki & Vincent Chin Randy’s All Stars Band
B. Lick It Back – Count Matchuki & Vincent Chin Rand’ys All Stars Band

A. Breakfast In Bed – Candy McKenzie. Produced by Lee Perry
B. Ice Cream. Produced by Lee Perry

A. Deep in My Soul – Eric Morris. Produced by Tommy McCook
B. Reggae To Jeggae – Tommy McCook. Produced by Tommy McCook

THB7005 (January 2011)
A. Dancing Time – Desmond Dekker & The Aces. Produced by Leslie Kong
B. Beverleys Special (Nothing For Nothing) – Roland Alphonso & The
Beverleys All Stars. Produced by Leslie Kong

THB7006 (February 2011)
A. Treat Me Good – Al Barry & The Aces. Produced by Barry Howard
B. Down We Go – Al Barry & The Aces. Produced by Barry Howard

THB7007 (March 2011)
A. Mercy Mercy – Derrick Morgan & Desmond Dekker Produced by Leslie Kong
B. Easy Come, Easy Go – The Pioneers Produced by Leslie Kong

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