Reggae 69 Spotlight: The Revivers 10 Inch EP

Revivers 10 Inch

I’ve written about the Revivers before sure but they’re working hard on new original material and this release flew under the radar when it was released late last year on Jump Up Records. It’s also a good time to feature some of the artists and releases that are part of the Reggae 69 Fan Club. What’s that? Haven’t heard about it? Then read more about it at Musical Occupation HERE. Now on to The Revivers!

The Reviviers were finally able to get some music out and on glorious vinyl too! We were impressed with the quality and tracks covered. It’s another in Jump Up’s line of budget 10″ releases. There is no cover or even a printed label – just the music and a stamp. We’ll call it the JA Blank series. Doesn’t bother us none – anytime we get a chance to get more vinyl we’re in.

This black gold of reggae classics came out way under the radar as mentioned. The band did a small run of dates around California at that time but didn’t get much information out about the release. That’s ok though as the music is timeless and will still be reggae gold in 10 years. I mean with covers like these you can be sure of that. The band handle themselves well on the cuts too befitting the talent of the band. Tony’s singing on their rendition of Pat Satchmo’s take on Louis Armstrong’s “Hello Dolly” is spot on.

You can see the tracklisting and some notes on each song below.

In case you didn’t know you can get this as part of the Reggae 69 Fan Club set by pledging money to our Kickstarter campaign to help us release new vinyl 45’s from some of your favorite artists including The Revivers, Ocean 11, Irie Beats, The Bullets, The Impalers and more.

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You can also find out more about this new project at the website:

Here’s the 10 Inch rundown.
Side A –
“Come Into My Parlour” – This is an “adults only” style tune originally by The Bleechers, produced by Lee Perry and released as a single in 1969 on the Upsetter label, it was also released on Vol. 2 of the popular Tighten Up series.

“Ramble” – This rare instrumental tune originally by The Dynamites is hard to come by on vinyl, but it can be found on the Clancy Eccle’s compilation CD Nyah Reggae Rock, on the Jamaican Gold label.

“My Desire” – This is a powerful vocal tune by the obscure group The Yardbrooms. Originally released on Trojan as a single, which has been a favorite sought after by DJ’s and collectors.

Side B –
“Black Panther” – Another scorching instrumental released in the Uk on the Duke label by Sir Collins & The Black Diamonds in 1969, this rare single was recently re-released and made popular by Trojan on the Haunted House box set.

“Hello Dolly” – Another 1969 release on the Upsetter label by Pat Satchmo, this version of the classic show tune made popular by Louis Armstrong in 1964 is a tribute to his raspy, deep vocal stylings.

We’ll leave you with a video of a live performance of “My Desire”. See more videos at the Reggae 69 website.

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