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Reggae 69 Now Streaming Skinhead Reggae Documentary w/ Aggrolites

The Reggae 69 Fan Club website features different videos and interviews, documentaries and favorite you tube clips periodically. Last week it was the film “Skinhead Attitude”. If you missed it – it’s still there just visit the videos page and scroll down. Right now though we’re featuring Once There Was Skinhead Reggae.

It’s a short film by Piotr R. Krawczyk & Pawel Bodzon (Polish w/ English subtitles) and was captured at a gig in Warsaw at the CDQ club in September 2008 with Ziggie Piggie, The Bartenders and headliners, The Aggrolites! It features live footage and interviews with the bands including some nice clips of the Aggro boys in action. Check out these sites for more info: Subkultury.org & www.skinheadstory.blogspot.com.

Before you watch that though you will also catch a trailer for the documentary from United Pride called Skinhead Cross Culture. Skinhead Cross Culture details the the true spirit of Skinhead, without all the politics and bullshit that has been associated with it over the years. The documentary was released last year and features IRON CROSS, THE AGGROLITES, MURPHY’S LAW, THE DEAD END BOYS, THE TEMPLARS, BLUEKILLA, KEYSIDE STRIKE, and PATRIOT with additional music by PERKELE, SKINFLICKS, DARKBUSTER and AML. Shot on location in Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Chapel Hill, NC, Munich, Germany and Darlington, U.K.

So plenty of good music and footage to check out. Remember we’ve got less than 2 weeks for the Kickstarter campaign to be funded. Get your pledge in now and get tons of exclusives that won’t be available once it is over.

Now Streaming: “Once There Was Skinhead Reggae” @ www.reggae69.com.

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