Reggae 69 Fan Club Rewind & Run Again

Reggae 69Here you go Skinheads, reggae cats and vinyl junkies! Just wanted to give you an update on the new Reggae 69 Kickstarter campaign and updates to the Reggae 69 website.

First we did a campaign that ended Jan. 15 as you might have heard to help raise funds and awareness for a new vinyl record club. The idea is simple – work with labels and artists that are keeping the vintage reggae and vinyl alive. Help them connect to fans here in the states and help them market their new releases. While we’re at it we figured we could help some of our friends release new music too in that old style. Sounds good right?

Well it was! We lined up some artists we liked, contacted some of our friends labels, set up a little website and started a fund drive. Our goal: $5000 which we figured would really help us get lay the ground work of something cool – some new releases, cover some costs and in general get the whole thing started right. We got pretty close too! $500 short. That’s no small feat or sure!

But it wasn’t enough of course. SO what do we do? Do we give up? Hell no! That would be against everything we stand for. The last week was a whirlwind of comments, support and feedback. All of it good too. So we took that info and started again. We learned somethings that should put us on the path to a better success this time. With a little more support from you of course. We’ve got till Tuesday February 15 for this round. And we’ve set the goal lower at $3000. Remember we can certainly go over (and we’d like to) but we can’t go lower.

Check out some of my reasons and some more discussion on the merits of giving this campaign one more chance at our forum on Dancing Mood. Click HERE. This will be where all regular updates will be posted.

The website was updated to reflect this new insight with a bunch of cool features and tons of info. Here are the highlights:

  • Countdown timer so you can see how much time is left
  • More Info on our goal for this new record club –
  • We’re streaming boss vintage videos and docs on the video page – now it’s the Skinhead Attitude documentary
  • The store has info on the cool releases we’ve planned and the boss incentives you can get for pledging – check out the cool sticker above and these classic badges below.
  • There’s also music streaming and plenty of other nuggets coming your way so continue checking the site and tell a friend too!

Everyone that pledged to the first campaign is greatly appreciated and hope you can see the benefit of re-pledging to this new campaign –

If you have any questions please send them to


I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.