Prince Buster Sings His 10 Commandments Again

Prince Buster 10 Commandements of SkaI’ve got another reissue note. The news hit weeks ago and I should have posted it then but as you can probably tell I’ve been very slack in getting this updated lately. I’m working to correct that. NOW TO THE NEWS.

Prince Buster has been releasing his material on less then steller JA pressings of late and it’s a shame. It’s an even bigger shame when we all know that Japan and Rock-A-Shocka has been dropping the ultimate packages of Buster material for years! YES WE YANKS WANT IT TOO.

Well now the classic 1967 RCA Victor album Prince Buster “Sings His Hit Song Ten Commandments” is getting a simple superb treatment and we’ve got it in the states. It’s being released by Sony on CD for the first time.

From the site description it says:It features a selection of ska and rocksteady tracks the best known of which are the title track, Buster’s hilarious Ten Commandments, which would’ve outraged the bra burners of the day, though the equally hilarious response from Princess Buster included here may have alarmed them even more! “They Got To Come” is the other well-known track here; Buster also covers the traditional “Wings Of A Dove”.

There are none of Buster’s highly regarded ska instrumentals here, but it’s a slice of history made available again and the care and attention Sony have lavished on the project, it has been remastered from the original master tapes, is to be applauded. Includes a 16 page booklet with notes from noted American reggae historian Roger Steffens.”

I picked it up tonight which promoted me to correct the oversight of not posting before and I have to say that it is amazing and well worth picking up. It’s one of the best Buster re-issues I have seen directly for the US market. The booklet includes such great images and a well written examination of Buster and his history. It even quotes Junor Francis in the notes!

Track Listing:
1. Ten Commandments
2. I Won’t Let You Cry
3. Is Life Worth Living
4. Ain’t That Saying A Lot
5. Here Comes The Bride
6. Girl Answer To Your Name
7. Ten Commandments From Woman To Man – Prince & Princess Buster
8. Wings Of a Dove
9. Smart Countryman
10. Tongue Will Tell
11. They Got To Come


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