PHOTOS: Two Tone Beach Party Photos 1979

Haven’t covered much 2 Tone news or music on this site yet. I am a huge fan of the stuff though. It does make my heart beat and the feet want to get up and dance. The site is slanted more towards the earlier original style of Jamaican music. I started thinking though that the real goal of this site is to present interesting stuff for collectors of music in general while highlighting the many wonderful artists that have given so much for the music from that little island in the sea.

Bands like The Specials, Madness, Selector, Bad Manners and The Beat did a lot to keep the flame of not only the music itself but the artists themselves alive. Most of us would not be in love with the music without first hearing those amazing tunes from the black and white stable. I also intend to feature interesting photos on the site just for the fun of it. If I like it I’ll post it for everyone to see. That keeps content moving forward for the site and hopefully give all you punters something to look at once in awhile.

So as we get our new PHOTOS section going here are 2 images I found online at some point and grabbed. They are sweet panoramic shots of most of the major players of the early 2 Tone releases – bands which I just mentioned kicking it on Brighton Beach during the summer of 1979 on one of the very early tours where everyone would be together.

Back Row: Charley Bembridge (Selecter), Noel Davies (Selecter), Charley Anderson (Selecter), Frank Murray (walking – Specials tour manager), Trevor (standing – Specials roadie), Neville Staple (Specials), Terry Hall (Specials), Desmond Brown (Selecter), Lynval Goldring (Specials), Brad (Specials), Roddy Radiation (Specials).

Second Row: Jerry Dammers (Specials), Lee Thompson (Madness).

Third Row: Suggs (Madness), Horace Panter (Specials), Mark Bedford (Madness), Chris Foreman (Madness), Daniel Woodgate (Madness).

Front Row: Pauline Black (Selecter), Mike Barson (Madness).

Photographer – Chalkie Davies

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