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Peter Tosh Stepping Into Spotlight With New Digital Magazine

Peter ToshThe brilliance of Peter Tosh was never in question throughout his years as a vital part of the sound that made The Wailers along with Bob Marley and Bunny Livingston. It was just over shadowed a bit by those equally and more charismatic artists. Peter was the militant one with a strong voice though and his work speaks for itself in holding up against anything the other two put out.

In seems that in recent years there has been a little of a remembrance and embracing of his work though and a push to highlight more of his outstanding songwriting and abilities as a performer. In fact the Independent posted a story last week with the headline Move over Bob Marley: Peter Tosh is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

In the article they talk about the many things happening that are connected to artist such as being the subject of a new biography, The Life of Peter Tosh: Steppin’ Razor, by the British author John Masouri. The Oscar-winning director, Kevin Macdonald, is planning a feature based around the making of Tosh’s first great solo album Legalize It. In October, near his family home in the rural Jamaican parish of Westmoreland, a two-day concert – Earth Strong Celebration – took place in the Peter Tosh Memorial Garden.

Mick Jagger & Peter ToshLast year, the governing People’s National Party – which Tosh supported – awarded him Jamaica’s great honour, the Order of Merit, which was bestowed on Marley in the weeks before Bob’s death from cancer in 1981. While Marley wrote about “Rebel Music” and other songs about peace and love Tosh wrote “Get up, Stand Up”, “Equal Rights,” “No Nuclear War,” and “Legalize It.” political songs and statements of intent.

Tosh was a true rebel though. Rolling Stone magazine even named him one of music’s top 15 rebels. Others on that list included Johnny Cash Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fela Kuti to name a few. True artists who did it their way. He also did some slightly funner fare such as the cover of “Don’t Look Back”, originally a b-side to The Temptations 1965 single for “My Baby,” during his time with the Rolling Stones. That tune though had a sense of urgency and call to action that the original might not of had in the hands of The Rolling Stones and Tosh. Here’s an interesting little article in fact that talks about an urban legend of Tosh threatening the Stones and their recording sessions might not have ended so well. Always the rebel.

Peter Tosh Magazine Issue 1There is also a new digital magazine focusing on Peter himself. The first issue is available for reading now online and features articles on his visit to Switzerland, the Peter Tosh 2014 Festival, a new book about to be published, a rare article from Music & Output Magazine from September 1983 and various articles on people in his life remembering the great artist.

So it looks like Tosh is finally getting some of that spotlight he did not get when he was alive exactly but surely earned and deserved.

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