Peter Tosh Biography to be Released

There’s a new book being published. Not sure when it will drop just yet as there are conflicting dates online but what we do know is that it deals with the legacy of Peter Tosh.

The description states: This is the very first biography of Peter Tosh, rude boy, founder member of The Wailers and a compelling recording artist in his own right. Tosh was an abrasive man who would eventually fall victim to his own uncompromising personality, ultra-radical politics and a fearsome ‘gangsta’ reputation. One of reggae’s most extraordinary stories, the life of Peter Tosh could have only one end. He was murdered in a gunfight at his own home in 1987. One year later his album “No Nuclear War” won the first ever Grammy award for best reggae album.

Here are the women, the drugs and the story behind Legalize It, Tosh’s famous early plea for the decriminalization of marijuana. His personal musical odyssey is explored in detail as he strove to emerge from the shadow of Bob Marley, eventually signing a contract with Rolling Stones Records. Tosh’s darker side is also revealed and the book includes an account of a notorious standoff with Keith Richards involving a machete and a loaded rifle!

Along with the reissues of his first two solo releases
it’s a positive Tosh revival! The author is John Masouri who wrote the huge Wailing Blues: The Story of Bob Marley’s Wailers which was an amazing read. He’s also been a contributor to Echoes Magazine since 1990 and his work has appeared in Mojo, Music Week, The Guardian and NME. He’s the co-author of the Guinness Book of Reggae and the Virgin Encyclopedia of Reggae and has contributed to several radio and TV programmes about Jamaican music. So we know he knows his stuff. If you have not picked up the Wailers book do that now while you wait for this new book to be released.

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