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  • The Expanders Take Their Sound To The Masses

    The Expanders Take Their Sound To The Masses

    The Expanders are a true treat to listen to. The sound they make harkens back to a purer reggae when three part harmonies dominated the charts and if you haven’t heard them or seen them then you are missing out. The band was formed in 2003 and immediately started crafting soulful harmonies like their greatest heroes such as The Ethiopians, The Mighty Diamonds and The Gladiators.

  • Jackie Bernard of the Kingstonians Needs Help!

    Jackie Bernard of the Kingstonians Needs Help!

    That’s the latest news to come out about the state of Jackie Bernard lead vocalist for the amazing Jamaican trio The Kingstonians. The Kingstonians were formed around 1966 by Jackie Bernard and his brother Footy, along with mutual friend Lloyd Kerr. He has been battling health issues for months now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

  • Record Store Day April 19, 2014 Ska & Reggae Releases You Might Want to Get

    Record Store Day April 19, 2014 Ska & Reggae Releases You Might Want to Get

    Record Store Day is fast approaching. That time of year when super exclusive and rare records are brought back to life for just one day. Well everyday is record store day at my house. Always sort of hated the idea just on the idea that we need to promote only one day but I think I’ve come around recently with some of the stuff they’ve been producing. 2011 featured a Trojan UK exclusive release from Toots & The Maytals doing an alternative cut to ‘Do The Reggay’ as ‘Do The Boogaloo’. There were 2012 releases from Lee Perry, The Specials, The Beat, Keith Hudson, and Peter Tosh.

  • Keith & Tex Back With A Vengence [Photos]

    Keith & Tex Back With A Vengence [Photos]

    Rocksteady legends Keith and Tex (of Stop That Train fame) on the westcoast. They reformed last year and are making the rounds of festivals around the world including Hamburg, Germany last year. They recently stopped in Los Angeles and San Francisco making the Westcoast debut. Coming up this month they make stops in London at The London International Ska Festival then head to Belguim, Italy, Switzerland, Germany for two stops including the Freedom Sounds Festival in May.

His Story Of US Ska

  • Dave Hillyard His Story of U.S. Ska

    A little intro. David Hillyard is well known to general readers of this blog. He’s a very long standing OG member of The Slackers, founded his own Rocksteady 7, played on the now classic Hepcat album Out of Nowhere and even before that he was playing in San Diego as a founding member of the Donkey Show. It’s an understatement to say he’s had a long music career let alone one devoted to the likes of Ska. He of course has a distinct and passionate perspective on music in general and pointed thoughts on the state of Ska in the U.S. having toured here for over 20 years.


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    Laurel Parker (Mobley Street Productions) recently directed a new video for Roy Ellis released on Liquidator Music. I’m a big fan pf Liquidator. They have a management arm that deals with a bunch of Jamaican legends. They of course release some of the best music coming out right now too. Toni is the man in charge of this magical musical bus. Laurel thought it would be fun to get him to answer a few questions about Roy, the label, himself and the state of digital music today. So get on the bus gus and let’s ride!

100 Greatest Rocksteady Tunes

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  • Remixology: Tracing the Dub Diaspora

    Dub is the avant-garde verso of reggae, created by manipulating and reshaping recordings using studio strategies and techniques. While dub was one of the first forms of popular music to turn the idea of song inside out, it is far from being fully explored. Tracing the evolution of dub, Remixology travels from Kingston, Jamaica, across the globe, following dub’s influence on the development of the MC, the birth of sound system culture, and the postwar Jamaican diaspora.

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  • Jeith Hudson Entering the Dragon

    There were two sides to Keith Hudson’s musical career, his producing and his singing. Production wise he was top flight and he enjoyed considerable success from the late sixties well into the 70?s. As a singer he was at best an aquired taste and it’s no great surprise that he recorded only for himself and no other producer employed him for this “talent”.