Order Debut Issue of New Zine Sussed! Quarterly Now

We miss the zine culture before the internet. Just as there are those of us that still press vinyl and collect it there are those that work to put out new printed material.

Sussed! Quarterly is one of those that hopes to continue the tradition of past. It aims to “celebrate, promote and remember the best of the traditional skinhead scene in every country around the world. We are trying to lift up our skinhead brothers and sisters that are active in our community and help spread awareness of the true meaning of unity. Smart and proper, sharp as a knife… love it or leave it.. it”s a way of life!” as their Facebook page says. It’s being put together by members of the band The Champions Inc. so you know it will be tough and proper.

The debut issue will include interviews including The Granadians and reviews along with photos and more. Issue one of the Sussed! Quarterly Skinhead Zine will be shipping soon. You can order via paypal by sending $6 (US Shipping) or $8 (International shipping) to sussedquarterly@gmail.com. You can also send $$ via money order or cash made out to Stephanie Kenyon P.O.Box 203 Mountain View, CA 94041 DO IT!

You can connect with em on Facebook here.

I've been involved in the Los Angeles music scene since at least 1995 going to shows, promoting, spinning records and running labels. Ska and Early Reggae are my passion among other things of course.