One Night Band Reviewed by Musical Occupation

One Night Band Hit & Run Album CoverThe wonderful cats over at Musical Occupation have put up a well written in-depth review on the new album from One Night Band entitled “Hit & Run” (which we have a contest going to win an autographed copy (READ MORE HERE).

The new album was co-produced by Brian Dixon (of The Aggrolites of course). The album was a great surprise to me on the first listen. It’s an enjoyable album with the un-mistakable mark of Aggro-licous grooves that one might expect but with a little 60’s mod punch and Slackers sensibility.

Read the first part of the review below then head over to Musical Occupation for the full review.

Hit and Run is the latest album from Montreal’s most cherished ska sensations, One Night Band. This album, their second full-length, represents quite a departure from their debut “Way Back Home” (released in 2006 on Stomp), delivers a solid 15 tracks, some definitely stronger than others.

One Night Band has developed an impressive following in Montreal, Quebec, and the rest of Canada since their beginnings in 2003 for a few different reasons. For one, they rose to prominence to fill a void in the Montreal ska scene which was left by the demise of bands like General Rudie, the Kingpins, and Gangster Politics. Montreal used to be the uncontested “ska capital” of Canada, and many Montrealers were craving some of that traditional ska that the older bands brought. The band also has an incredible work ethic. They have toured consistently in the last few years, contributed to side projects (Blood and Fire, the Fabulous Lolo Sings Rocksteady, the Stomp Allstars, etc.), and they even own their own recording studio, Indygene.

Here they are performing on a NYC-based video program called The Checkerboard Kids.

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