Official Trojan Records Scooter Helmets

Hot on the heels of the Trojan Appreciation Society relaunch announcement comes this little nugget for the Trojan Army and scooterist out there of which I am a proud member. Heritage Helmets will be releasing an officially licensed Trojan Records scooter helmet with and without Lambretta branding for the Vespa riders. Get ready though as they’re gonna be pretty expensive. The company offer other cool helmets for £150.00 which works out to about $300 plus shipping.

They do ship to the states but not sure if they meet DOT US standards. They do however meet European Road Safety Standards. If that doesn’t bother you go ahead and order one up. The shell I assume will be the same as the others which is a composite ABS over polystyrene. The lining is an interchangeable, washable microfiber with a new a breathable eco leather finish. The buckle/safety chinstrap has a micrometric regulator for easy setting, with a quick release fastener. WOW right!

Visit their site for a bit more info at Heritage Helmets.

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