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Rico The Legacy
Years ago a Spanish/Catalan trombonist named Jep Jorba had a dream. The tell the story of one of the greatest Jamaican trombonists of all time. That man was the great Rico Rodriguez. I remember watching it when it first came out and thinking dam he did a great job. Not sure if he got much credit though – he did it just because he thought it needed to be told.

The press release had this to say about the film and why it was made:

The phonograph starts to spin. The stylus falls softly over the vinyl record and life starts to play again that notes full of memories, difficulties, faith, travels and experiences. The life of Rico Rodriguez and the life of Jamaican music are two faces of the same coin. They are like two parallel lines that passed through the time and the place.

In the documentary “Rico Rodriguez – The Legacy” the time is 2006 and the place is Barcelona. The old Caribbean melodies of the 60’s are performed by young musicians of the millenium, that take with pride the musical and spiritual legacy of this great trombonist. These beautiful melodies become the perfect soundtrack to review the biography of one of the most humble and compromised legends of Jamaican music.

The 24 minute documentary is a must view document about one of the greatest living artists today. Watch it below.

Check out the site that was set up here:

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