‘No Bother Grumble’ New Jandisc Platter!!

jah Faith No Bother GrumbleThere’s a brand new 7″ slice of vintage vinyl goodness from the new house of roots: Jandisc Records! It’s another platter produced by J. Bonner of Vessels & Aggrolites fame and featuring Jah Faith & The Black Emeralds (the Jandisc house band). The heavy duty militant rockers style riddim “NO BOTHER GRUMBLE” backed with “HUMBLE DUB” will be released on July 21st.

Check the website for more info: www.jandiscrecords.com.

Check out this article from our sister blog Musical Occupation with the man behind the mixer and mastermind of the new rub-a-dub sounds by the tub J. Bonner himself.

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