Nicky Thomas’ Love of the Common People Re-issued

In the summer of 1970, little known Jamaican performer Cecil ‘Nicky’ Thomas was transformed into an international singing star when his sublime interpretation of the Winstons’ pop hit, ‘Love Of The Common People’ climbed to number 9 in the UK charts. It was an achievement swiftly repeated throughout much of Europe and beyond, and in its wake Trojan rushed out a collection of the vocalists’ best know works to date, produced by celebrated Reggae operator, Joe Gibbs.

The LP soon became one of the company’s top-selling long players, denied UK chart action only by the lack of recorded sales at specialist West Indian music outlets. Now, more than 40 years since its original issue, this iconic album is finally receives a long overdue re-release as the latest title in the popular Trojan Originals series. As with others in the range, the original artwork is faithfully reproduced, with the original analogue master tapes ensuring the authenticity of the sound.

Track Listing:

  1. God Bless The Children
  2. Raining Night In Georgia
  3. If I Had A Hammer
  4. Turn Back The Hands Of Time
  5. Doing The Moonwalk
  6. Love Of The Common People
  7. Mama’s Song
  8. Have A Little Faith
  9. Don’t Touch Me
  10. Lonely Feelin’
  11. I Who Have Nothing
  12. Let It Be
  13. Red Eye

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