New Trojan Single: The Paragons “Joy In My Soul”


By 1968, the Paragons were firmly established as one of Jamaica?s most popular and successful vocal trios. Consisting of lead singer John Holt, alongside the immensely underrated Tyrone Evans and Howard Barrett, the group had recently scored a series of major Rock Steady hits for Duke Reid?s famed Treasure Isle concern, with their music setting a standard of excellence few of their peers would ever come close to matching.

Such were the Duke’s demands that much of what was recorded for his enterprise remained unissued and seemingly lost to the world at large forever, but now, thanks to an extensive archiving project, many of these long-lost masterpieces are finally being rediscovered, with the Paragons’ sublime “Joy In My Soul” the first of these forgotten gems to see issue.

Cut by the trio around the close of 1968, this magnificent late Rock Steady track features the trio in their pomp and ranks alongside their finest works, greatly complimenting their known catalogue. The recording comprises the A-side of this must- have 7″, with the flip featuring the alternate version of the Techniques? “Travelling Man”, which first saw issue in limited number in Jamaica in the early seventies.

As with the previous titles in the series, the record is pressed on high quality heavyweight vinyl, with just 500 numbered copies manufactured, so place your order early to avoid disappointment!

You can order the new single at this link soon.

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