New Trojan Single Available on Big Shot

In the early summer of 1968, Jamaican music was changing. The lilting sound of Rock Steady was beginning to be supplanted by a more rugged style that in time would ultimately transmute into Reggae.

It coincided with a period when respected label owner Blondel Calnek aka Ken Lack was easing off from issuing material, although occasional sessions, primarily overseen by either Bunny Lee or Phil Pratt produced a number of fine, if commercially unsuccessful 45s.

Among the work financed by Calnek at this time were the excellent ‘You Are The One’ and a catchy dance number entitled ‘Girls Like Dirt’ – performed by Caltone regulars, Romeo & the Emotions and the aforementioned Phil Pratt, respectively.

Now, after a wait of more than four decades, both of these superb pieces finally receive their first official UK release – coupled together for the tenth single in the new Trojan range.

Pressed on the highest quality vinyl, the single revives the celebrated Big Shot imprint that was first launched way back in December 1968 and initially ran for just over six years, during which time it showcased some of the finest and most successful Reggae from the period.

As with previous relases, pressings are strictly limited to a run of 400 so to avoid disappointment, order your copy from the Trojan store while stocks last.

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