New Trojan Attack Label Lee Perry Single

Full Experience


The Trojan Records singles series has been hit and miss mostly but the quality is so dam good I’ll pick em up. Reviving long dead labels for the sake of this collectors series makes for a great touch. Seeing the Smash, Duke Reid, Big Shot etc. labels again in such thick pressings and perfect labels is sweet. Most of the tracks are different takes or versions with just a few being real must have cuts of tunes you might not be able to get otherwise though.

Well there is a new limited to 500 units release. This time on the former Morrissey-controlled Attack label from the Sanctury days.

The tracks were originally cut at Perry’s Black Ark Studio in 1976 but went unreleased till 1990 as Aura Meets Lee “Scratch” Perry – Full Experience on the French Blue Moon Productions (BM 116) label.

The Full Experience featured the vocals of African born Aura Lewis, Candy McKenzie (who was recently featured on another Trojan Records/ Lee Perry release) and Pamela Reed. The backing band credited as The Upsetters included Boris Gardiner (bass), Winston Wright (keys), Sticky (percussion), Mikey Boo (drums), Geoffrey Chung (guitar) and Mickey Chung (guitar).

Young Gifted & Broke FROM TROJAN RECORDS:
In 1977, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry was in London working with Bob Marley, producing the classic track, ‘Punky Reggae Party’. In need of backing vocalists for the recording, the pair employed South African born Aura Lewis and local singer, Candy McKenzie.

Soon after, Perry returned to Jamaica was reunited with both Lewis and McKenzie in Jamaica and began employing them on sessions, along with local singer, Pamela Reed, with the trio working under the title of the Full Experience.

Over the ensuing months, the group featured on a variety of recordings for the producer at his famed Black Ark studio, backing others on his roster as well as featuring as the named act. Among the recordings that fell into the latter category were a handful of tracks that remained unissued until 1990, when they were finally issued in limited numbers in France. Among these were ‘Young, Gifted And Broke’ and ‘Can’t See You’, both of which now finally make their 7” debut, comprising the respective A and B sides of the latest release in Trojan ‘s limited edition 7” range.

As with previous titles in the series, the single, which revives the much-loved Attack imprint, is pressed on high quality, heavy-weight vinyl and comes in Trojan’s official house-bag, with a total of just 500 copies manufactured.

Purchase now for release on March 26th.

Source: Trojan Records

Wondering what the tune sounds like? Well via the power of the tube we can share it with you.

Young, Gifted & Broke

Can’t See You

I do think this is pushing the rare, from the vault or unreleased tag they have been promoting the series around. While this record was surely pressed in low numbers in France only I think the idea that the tracks were produced by Lee Perry to go with the other recent Lee Perry releases and to celebrate his birthday this month were more attractive then finding actual gems.

Do you plan to pick up this latest release??

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