New Trojan 7″ Double Or Nothing b/w Double Barrel Man

The Trojan Train rolls on with another heavyweight release from the vaults. This time a tune that doesn’t seem to have been released before and another that’s a top rare tune.

As the summer of 1970 drew to a close, leading Jamaican producer, Winston Riley issued a dynamic and wonderfully original recording that would go on to top singles charts around the globe.

Featuring an wild vocal delivery over ludicrously catchy piano-led rhythm, ‘Double Barrel’ brought together two of the island’s most gifted performers – keyboard maestro, Ansel Collins and the immensely versatile vocalist, Dave Barker.

A year after its Jamaican release, the record topped the UK charts, a feat it promptly repeated in numerous countries across the world. In the meantime, Ansel revisited the rhythm to create a solid instrumental cut entitled ‘Double Or Nothing’, while in the UK, it was further exploited by Trojan’s in-house producer, Robert ‘Dandy’ Thompson, who utilised the track on a couple of sides, of which only ‘Double Barrel Version’ saw issue. The unreleased recording, which featured the producer/singer toasting over the track remained in the vaults until finally being uncovered during a recent foray into the tape archive.

Now, after years of speculation concerning its existence, Thompson’s DJ version has been coupled with Ansel’s long forgotten instrumental cut to comprise Trojan’s next special edition 7″ single, presented on Trojan’s classic Techniques imprint.

As with all previous releases in this popular range, the record will be pressed on heavyweight vinyl with numbers strictly limited to 400 copies, making this smash double-header a must for all fans of classic Trojan Reggae.

You can order this new release in the Trojan Shop Now.

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