New Ska and Rocksteady Comps Are Out

That Ska Beat 1962-1966There are two new compilations of classic Ska and Rocksteady on the market which I think you’ll agree are well worth the money to get. The tracks are from the vault of Bunny Lee so you know it’s all good stuff. They were released in the UK on the Voice of the People label on CD and LP. Ernie B’s Reggae has them available at a great price. You can also sample all the tracks at this site.

“The greatest man that came from Jamaica and changed the whole beat from Ska to Rock Steady was Lyn Taitt. He was from Trinidad but Bryon Lee did bring him come to Jamaica as an organist but he started playing guitar and the rest is history! We should call him Rock Steady…Its Lyn Taitt as he was the man! He played lead guitar and Ska at the same time”… Bunny Lee

That Ska Beat! 1962-1966
You can sample all the tracks here.

1. The Skatalites – Ska Boo Da Ba
2. Don Drummond & The Skatalites – Confucious
3. Lyn Taitt – Storm Warning
4. Tommy McCook – Alley Cat Ska
5. Theophilus Beckford – Trench Town People
6. Theophilus Beckford – Walking Down King Street
7. Johnny “Dizzy” Moore – South China Sea
8. The Skatalites – Ringo
9. Roland Alphonso – Nuclear Weapon
10. Lyn Taitt & The Baba Brooks Band – Magnificent Ska
11. Daniel Johnson – Come On My People
12. The Tenor Twins – Hit You Let You Feel It
13. Don Drummond & The Skatalites – The Re-Burial
14. Lloyd Clarke – Love Me Or Leave Me
15. Roland Alphonso – A Shot In The Dark
16. Baba Brooks & The Trenton Spence Orchestra – Distant Drums


Do The Rocksteady 1966-1968Do The Rocksteady 1966-1968
You can sample all the tracks here.

1. The Uniques – People Rock Steady
2. Glen Adams – Musical Train
3. Glen Adams – Hold Down Miss Winey
4. Cynthia Richards – Forever
5. The Sensations – Right On Time
6. Delroy Wilson – Till I Die
7. The Uniques – The Beatitude
8. Winston Samuels – Don’t Believe Him
9. Roy Shirley – Touch Them (Never Let Them Go)
10. Alvin Reggie Lewis – Revelation
11. Slim Smith – Love And Devotion
12. Val Bennett – The Russians Are Coming
13. Glen Adams – Run Come Dance
14. The Sensations – Long Time Me No See You Girl

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