New Roy Ellis Video Debuts

Roy Ellis Video StillLiquidator Records has just released the full new video for Roy Ellis we talked about earlier. It’s for his song “Can’t Leave Now”, a tune originally composed at the height of Roy’s creative output in the 60’s with Symarip, The Bees, The Seven Letters and The Pyramids (all pretty much various line-ups of the same group of musicians to record tunes for different producers). It’s now been re-recorded with The Transilvanians as his backing band for a new single due to be released on June 14.

The video was directed by Matt Parker’s (Donkey Show, Adjusters) wife Laurel Parker of Mobley Street Productions. She’s directed a Granadians video for Liquidator along with videos for Chris Murray and The Adjusters. She also created a short film called Clay that was “a genuinely funny comedy set to the upbeat swinging sounds of sax man David Hillyard (The Slackers, Dave Hillyard & the Rocksteady 7) and included a never before released demo track from Hepcat.” If you haven’t seen the DVD of this then search it out.

Roy Ellis has had a career resurgence over the last few years since deciding to start recording Reggae again having released a steady stream of new music, albums and touring around the globe including well received dates in California and Mexico.

Here’s the video. Enjoy!

What do you think about the new tune and the video? Leave some comments.

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