New Pressure Sounds Ska Reissues: Monty, Stranger & Patsy

Always top notch releases done with care Pressure Sounds has 2 new reissues to check out on Kentone Records in cool Federal Records sleeves.

UPDATE: It was pointed out that these were in fact Dubstore (Japan) releases which I should have known but jumped the gun on posting up the info a bit. My bad. Check this link for more detailed information on these new releases.

Monty Morris
A: Blackman Ska
B: A Spot In My Heart for You

Early cultural commentary from ‘Monty’ Morris. Lynn Tait weaves his magic and the horns are understated. The B side is a bit less serious but is storming none the less.

Listen Here:

Stranger & Patsy with the Skatalites
A: Word is Wind Listen
Dobby Dobson
B: Cry Another Cry

Uptempo Stranger Cole ska with the addition of both Patsy and the Skatalites!! Flip side is a little more RnB influenced but well worth it for the organ alone. Dobby Dobson is the vocalist on ‘Cry another cry’

Listen Here:

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