New Madness Book to be Published!

Everyone knows who my favorite band is. There is no question about it. Madness are the only band that matters (if you don’t count the Specials, The Skatalites and plenty of others of course but you get the idea). Any opportunity to gather new info, read some possibly new tidbits that I didn’t know about or find some new images to feed my nutty hunger I’m in all the way!

So it comes up that there is indeed some exciting news out of the nutty camp. Here is what our buddy Marco had to say:

“Just as Madness fans were celebrating the news about a rumored new album that is due out in 2011 comes fantastic news of the pending publication of the definitive book about the band. Called ‘House Of Fun – The Story of Madness’, the 500+ page tome written by John Reed is destined to be the new bible for all fans of the Nutty Boys.”

YES YES YES! No how about another stateside tour please!!

via Marco On The Bass: House Of Fun: The Story Of Madness To Be Published On October 31st.

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