New Madness Album Available for Pre-Order

Madness Liberty of Norton FolgateI am a huge Madness fan and have been my whole life. Everyone knows this. My earliest musical recollection is of humming their US hit “House of Fun” as a kid. I didn’t know all the words but I knew the melody. It wasn’t until years later when I really got into ska that I found out who the band really was and the history of 2 Tone. The rest as they say is history.

Well it’s always wonderful news when a new Madness studio album is available. “The Liberty Of Norton Folgate” is now available to pre-order in a special edition Boxed Set. Ordering now, will ensure you are sent a link to download the full album on Monday, December 22nd.

Please see the image below or visit for details.

Here’s a taste of the title song.

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