New Lynn Taitt Album/ Film Project In The Works

Moss Raxlen, film maker, record producer and DJ, came out of Montreal in the 90’s having established his own studio and label working with some of the best talent in the area. This lead to touring, more records, managing the wonderful Sister Nancy for a time as well as working with leading Rocksteady guitarist Lyn Taitt. By 2007 his focus turned to one of the classiest and interesting documentaries about the music of Jamaica and Rocksteady in particular. It was called Rocksteady: The Roots of Reggae and it came out to great acclaim around the world.

Well he posted some exciting news about his follow up project on his Facebook page:

“So I’ve decided to start working on finishing the recordings I did with Lynn. We started on the them around 2005 and sound very nice but some still need a bit of work (fix one or 2 drums tracks, vocals from veteran singers, etc) as we did not finish them all.

We had decided to wait till after the “Rocksteady: the Roots of Reggae” film/album project to finish them as we both thought that it would better to shop the album after that big project was finished as Lynn would be that much more recognizable of an artist… but alas as many of you know – weeks before Lynn was suppose to fly down to Kingston he got sick.

Lynn Taitt

Courtesy Moss Raxlen

Also making a documentary film about Lynn to go with the c.d. (hope to have it sold together )… but just starting to work on all this now. I’ve got a good friend here in Montreal that works at Concordia University A.V. department that is helping with mixing and editing the music (we transferred the recordings from the 16 track to pro-tools) and he’s also going to help with putting the film together (editing, etc.).

It’s looking good so far, I’ve been able to find lot’s of nice old photos and press clipping and some rare footage (live, in studio and interviews) from what Lynn had saved over the years and will doing interviews in Jamaica and beyond. Will be making a Facebook page as the project progresses… Stay Tuned!”

Will let you know when he has another update but based on his last project I’m sure it will be well done. Till then check out his Soundcloud account for some wicked cuts, many of them downloadable, featuring tracks from Stranger Cole, U-Roy & Tamlins and The Rocksteady All-Stars.

Lynn Taitt of course died Wed. Jan 20th in Montreal. He was also previously the focus of a documentary Lynn Taitt: Rocksteady directed by Generoso Fierro released in 2006 as well as another entitled Ruff N’ Tuff, which I had not heard about that came out in 2010.

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