New Lee Perry Doc Screens in LA, Narrated by Benicio del Toro

Lee Perry The Upsetter“The Upsetter: The Life & Music of Lee Scratch Perry is a feature length documentary about one of the most fascinating and influential artists of our times.” That’s what the press release says and it’s not an understatement either.

Lee Perry’s greatness has never been in question and he’s had a sort of reinvention in the last decade with new releases of really good material, at least 2 docs and what seems to be some stability back in his productions. So it goes with out saying that any new doc that can shed some light on this all ready well covered subject is a treat. There have been some docs that really don’t do the genius of The Upsetter justice. This doc seems to put at least some effort into really focusing on the subject and giving his work some context. I’ve not seen the doc yet but from the bits I see I have high hopes. Being narrated by Benicio del Toro doesn’t hurt either.

Here’s what the release says about the film:

The film begins in rural Jamaica, probing into Perry’s mysterious youth as well as the notorious events of his peak production years in Kingston, in which Scratch mentored a young Bob Marley, created the sound of Reggae as we now know it, pioneered a new genre of music he called Dub, invented what was to become the remix and produced international hit songs for artists from Junior Murvin to The Congos to Paul McCartney to The Clash all while working out of the infamous Black Ark Studio, a shack that he built with his hands then later burned to the ground in a fit of drug addled rage.

Equally a documentation of a musical culture and a fascinating character study of genius and madness, The Upsetter is a sight and sound clash of visual and aural styles, utilizing ancient stock footage, photographs, concert video, audio clips, music video clips both old and new, and an exclusive, candid interview with the mastermind himself at his home in Switzerland. Filmed in Jamaica, London, Switzerland, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Colorado, the Upsetter charts Perry’s influence on all reaches of the globe.

You can view the trailer and exclusive clips at the website for the film here: and the You Tube Channel here.

THIS SUNDAY March 27 between screenings at the Downtown Independent Theater at 6 and 9 pm will be the amazing musical nuggets from The Lions featuring Alex Desert, Malik Moore and Deston Berry.

Screening March 25 to March 31 ONLY at The Downtown Independent
251 S. Main Street – Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213.617.1033
Get tickets and more info at the website:

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